Freestyle motocross (also known as FMX) is a variation on the sport of motocross in which motorcycle riders attempt to impress judges with jumps and stunts.

Check out this video of RICKY PENTZ

Ricky Pentz RAGEFMX

The two main types of freestyle events are:

  • Big Air (also known as Best Trick), in which each rider gets two jumps — usually covering more than 75 ft (22.8m) — from a dirt-covered ramp. A panel of judges evaluates the style, trick difficulty, and originality and produces a score on a 100-point scale. Each rider’s highest single jump score is compared; top score wins.
  • Freestyle motocross, the older of the two events, in which riders perform two routines, each lasting between 90 seconds and 14 minutes, on a course consisting of multiple jumps of varying lengths and angles that generally occupy one to two acres (.4 to .8 hectares). Like Big Air, a panel of judges assigns each contestant a score based on a 100-point scale, looking for difficult tricks and variations over jumps.

Notable freestyle motocross events include Red Bull X-Fighters, NIGHT of the JUMPs, the X Games, Gravity Games, Big-X, Moto-X Freestyle National Championship, and Dew Action Sports Tour. Freeriding is the original form of freestyle motocross which started in the hills of southern California; due to professional racers such as Jeremy McGrath and Phil Lawrence “play riding” in the hills of Reche Canyon. It has no structure and is traditionally done on public land. Riders for natural jumps and drop-offs to execute their tricks on. Some free riders prefer to jump on sand dunes. In many ways, freeriding requires more skill and mental ability. Notable freeriding locations include Ocotillo Wells and Glamis Dunes in California, Beaumont, California, and Caineville, Utah.

My youngest son Loved FMX- but I cannot tell you how much, I did not love watching him, not that he was not good at it, he absolutely was great at it, and as a kid once myself I know better than to discourage, my kids from doing whatever they choose, and being supportive of it, but apparently my expressions everyone else was seeing each time he jumped 70ft in the air must have been horrifying by the hugs and he will be okay comments I got- here is some footage of my son check it out! He followed Monster trucks one year, put a show on in Ogden On the 4th of July, at the Loren Farr Park In Ogden, Utah as well as doing free shows for Evanston Wyoming, (Ramps, landings every bit of it he and his Dad built themselves!) His brother my oldest son would do the announcing for him and play the music these 2 kids are pretty talented, love them both check it!

Love you Baby from Mom- I made this video of my son and I will miss him very much!,, OFF-ROADVIXENSCLOTHING.CO, RageFMX,

Dirtymudders are a group of people, FAMILY into motorsports and motocross we love to play in the dirt, which makes us some dirty mudders!

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DirtymuddersMX is about, LIVIN THE MOTORSPORTS DREAM! Join the team!

Dirty mudders mx is about a lifestyle, a freedom and a passion of  Musclecars, and Motorsports of all kinds! 

Get away and enjoy life from all the mundane, in this thing called life! 

Dirty mudders will keep you up on current trends, fun events, invite you to a group dirtbike ride, a family camp out, a trip to southern Utah’s sand dunes, a car show or whatever awesome event is going on, you will be in the know, because if you are here, you too are a thrill seeking dirty mudder and we love ya!

We welcome anyone who would like to be a part of this lifestyle, join us, you won’t regret it! From car shows, demolition derbies to a fundraiser for a family in need, you are welcome to participate and meet some great thrill seeking adventurous people! 

It’s about having fun and making the most of it! We dirtymudders are just a  bunch of free spirits who get together on the weekends and have a great time! 

 Motorsports, that is what us dirtymudders are into, why dirty mudder? Because most everything we love to do involves, dirt or mud..LOL

 Anywhere from demolition derbies, motocross races, restoring old muscle cars, to car shows, truck pulls, hill climbs,  and restoring the American Dream,. 

Restore Muscle car’s and learning tips from the best,  Join my oldest son’s car club THE DYING BREED! 

We are getting some demolition derby cars ready for this year’s event, maybe you will want to be a part of the welding, preparing and entering yourself! 

Anything in motorsports-you name it, we love it!  

My boys – Jonny and Ricky host events like Arena cross, Car shows, Demolition derbies, Freestyle motocross, and hill climbing along with their awesome friends.

They learned all of this from their Dad and my best friend, Jonny Pentz senior,

Who was raised in a small town, in the country, and on a small farm?  Our hometown Morgan Utah, where I met Jonny Senior, he has been a wonderful father and taught my boys so much in the way of welding, mechanics, driving heavy equipment, and restoring old cars.

Jonny would tell us stories of how he would find this old broke down cars and trucks, and he was determined to get them running, but profit was not what- he had in mind.

September 17th, 1977, Jonny senior, was on his dirtbike, only 17 years of age at the time, when he was struck by a car head on, and thrown off the side of a steep hill, barely missing a wooden fence, nobody was rushing to this young boy, everyone that had witnessed the event, took him for dead.  The Hurst was called before the ambulance. However, this young man was not dead, truly nobody could figure out how this boy made it through that, he was in bad shape, broken bones, internal bleeding, he was not wearing a helmet, and the car was not paying any attention, or maybe he startled her, whatever the case, it swerved right into him on the wrong side of the road. Struck him, head on! The car and bike were totaled.

I would see this young man from time to time in his wheelchair, and I always felt so much sadness when I saw him, truly, I did not know him and he was quite a few years older than me, but for some reason, I would just watch this young boy, thinking how awful, so young, so handsome and more than likely bound to that chair for life. What a shame.

That is where I left off, he would go out into the fields and wrench on this old truck because he was going to get away, Jonny was a proud boy, he did not like being in that chair and he did not like, having others waiting on him, he hated how tiny his legs were becoming, and he would not stay in the house to get well, nope he was going to fix this old truck and leave for good. He was told and so were his parents he would probably never walk again, well this young man was not having that either, no way. Somehow he made himself walk. He also went on to riding bulls, working in the oilfield on the rigs, as a Derrick hand. That boy I did see again at the pool parlor, he pulled up in this 1972 Mach 1 California special- THE BOSS wow!  So now my husband, LOL and he is one tough soul, now is his older age he has acquired quite a few health problems, he was even given a date, several years ago, LOL when he was supposed to pass away. He has had to live with degenerative joint disease, in all 4 weight bearing joints, later on, we had noticed he struggled with the heat and had symptoms of a stroke, which led us to a neurologist, and later the diagnosis of Multiple sclerosis, it started affecting his vital organs, he still beat, all he could, until the day it hit his heart, 6 years ago, he had what they call the widow maker heart attack, and it has left him with congestive heart failure, I will never forget the day the light in his pale blue eyes literally went dark, but he came back to me, I seriously chased down his soul, I asked” what is it? You don’t want to hang out with me anymore?” Jonny then with every ounce of his being fought to stay and the day he got out of the hospital, we all went to the badlands, and he decided, he had to climb the elevator hill, this hill is ridiculously steep, but in his mind if he could climb that hill, he could kick this heart trouble too, and by damned he did and then my youngest son followed.

 This man loves us with all of his heart, he has been a great father to our children and the best, best friend, we could have ever had, we will always be the best of friends and that is the reason we are still together to this day, I have been with this crazy, thrill-seeking, guy since I was 17 years of age, and every day, watching him get smaller and smaller breaks my heart, but he remains positive.

This is where my boys get allot of their knowledge from, I have never had his IQ tested, but I can tell you this man is a Guin UI’s, when it comes to motors and it does not seem to matter what kind, you bring it he will fix it,  he was always so proud of our little boys, he took them everywhere with him and taught them.

He also seemed to pass on, these thrill-seeking behaviors, to our children.

I have road dirt bikes since the age of 13 years old, back when I thought I was a little boy, LMAO, well I was a Tomboy.

Jonny was a bull rider and a cowboy and did very well in the rodeo’s, but like with everything this man ever does, he has to be the very best at it, I can assure you, On a dirt bike, I would never follow that man, where he rides, but Ricky would, and Jonny jr he followed his dad around fixing up old cars, this time it was not to leave, he actually had restored several, he found it a good way to make some extra money.

The derbies, FMX, mud bogging we all just love, the thrill. I found it rather fun myself, in a demo derby, nothing better than to slam a few cars with your BIG BLACK Cadillac- the engine had a 502 chevy motor, more horsepower than this little girl should have been handling, but was that a good time, it was down to me and one other girl, round and round the damned arena we went, then I thought  this must be a bore for the crowd, so I threw her in reverse and that poor girl’s car, was now permanently stuck on my bumper LMAO, hehe he, nothing she could do, I drug her all around that arena, until I hit a big dirt berm, phew I cannot tell you how much fun that is, it is a ton of fun, I will always have my dirtbike, it’s my freedom, my fun, the wind in your hair, fresh air and out on a dirt road somewhere, that’s a good time for me.  I’m not quite right.. I don’t care either, fun is fun.

Motorsports is something we all enjoy and so we share it, show offs, yeah maybe!  Try it you will never want to do anything else!

PENTZHOSTSEVENTZ was a name my son Jonny Pentz jr mentioned to me allot while planning his car shows, and I thought, we do, we really do, everyone has a great time and our friends even where Jon and I grew up, will drive all the way up to attend the car show!

 These events can be used for fundraising, entertainment, helping people grow a business.

Jonny junior invites vendors of all kinds to his car shows, any and all small town


vendors are welcome! Everyone has a good time, and he is quite the entertainer throughout the event.

Jonny Pentz of The Dying Breed with wife Tara and his car club, host every summer.

This year marks the 3rd year.

My son Ricky Pentz hosted Arena cross, last year and Jonny Pentz jr was the announcer we were with the club UCMA and other various motorsports clubs. Ricky races for RMR and Wild West MX.

He went pro this year!

 Last year all of us participated, in arena cross, yep even Grandma, Papa and all 5 of the grandkids!


I have my own little slice of the pie, I am a promoter,  photographer, and advertiser as well as working on being an affiliate for anything related to motorsports.

 I help out with the pin-up girls and Motocross maidens and we all have perfect tans, Only because  I am also a Certified spray tanner.

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