Remembering Jeremy Lusk- a Mom’s own personal Hell!

Today marks the 8th year Anniversary Legendary FMX rider Jeremy Lusk this 24 year old was on his way to the top. During his competition, and after winning his Silver Metal Best FMX Trick and Gold Medal in 2009, this young rider secured his spot in the FMX history. He was know for having a big heart, loyal to his friends and an absolute threat to the FMX riders. It must have been this same year my husband and I took Ricky, our son to Surprise Arizona, where he too was passionate about FMX, I remember checking out the course, riders everywhere in the Area were honoring LUSK as he had just recently lost his life doing this FMX trick, Huge Banners RIP LUSK, Love ya LUSK, as a mother my heart was sinking wondering what his mother must be feeling, he definitely made his mark in the FMX world. That very same day my boy was practicing, however what we did not realize is the track had just been hosed down and it was a muddy mess, I can see my son is going to go for it, wet or not, I grabbed the Camera and went to get some footage and all the sudden time literally froze as he hit the ramp launching him 70 feet in the air, I could clearly see he had over shot and this landing was going to be a bad one because all that was in between him and his dirt bike was air and hard ground, OMG

Not one thing anyone can do at that point but watch and pray, what goes up must come down, I watched my son break both of his legs that day, and I was actually just grateful that was the worse of it, I literally kept all my thoughts to myself, my child would beat himself up mentally for that and I knew I had just better keep quiet, I always loved to watch the sport, when it was not my child. Sure enough alive in pain and madder than a hornet at his ownself the hospital was going to be a bad deal, the competition was the next day and he would not be participating. I was still very proud of him and so glad he did not break his neck or lose his life, he has never understood me and me sitting there not saying a word only made him angrier, as a parent you want to say, I am so proud of you, but its a dangerous sport and I don’t want you doing this anymore. Believe me that is not what a parent needs to do, that will only make the child resent you for not being supportive of what he chose, so I bit my lip hard.

I knew he was just as capable and wanted very much to earn his silver and gold.It just was a slight mistake that neither myself or my husband could have seen coming, we were far from worried, he practiced daily. The next day we stayed and watched the competition in the beautiful Arizona weather, I saw RIP LUSK BANNERS everywhere, my son was in a wheelchair being pushed around by is number one fan, his Dad, and I started noticing things that day I never used to pay any attention to. Guys permanently damaged from this sport, one had literally damaged his brain, had a hard time talking to his friends, another permanently in a wheelchair from a spinal injury, again I thought Thank you Lord he is okay and I know he could have done this, but please keep my boy from harms way, to destroy his brain or spine I would never forgive myself for not opening my big mouth.

Of course his perception of the whole thing is that I was disappointed in him, truthfully his father and I have never been disappointed in him, he was the only one feeling that.

Ricky will always be the very hardest one on himself, expecting to achieve perfection, headstrong that boy is! RIP LUSK!11033382_10203934323539552_1365970282_o,, OFF-ROADVIXENSCLOTHING.CO, RageFMX,

Freestyle motocross (also known as FMX) is a variation on the sport of motocross in which motorcycle riders attempt to impress judges with jumps and stunts.

Check out this video of RICKY PENTZ

Ricky Pentz RAGEFMX

The two main types of freestyle events are:

  • Big Air (also known as Best Trick), in which each rider gets two jumps — usually covering more than 75 ft (22.8m) — from a dirt-covered ramp. A panel of judges evaluates the style, trick difficulty, and originality and produces a score on a 100-point scale. Each rider’s highest single jump score is compared; top score wins.
  • Freestyle motocross, the older of the two events, in which riders perform two routines, each lasting between 90 seconds and 14 minutes, on a course consisting of multiple jumps of varying lengths and angles that generally occupy one to two acres (.4 to .8 hectares). Like Big Air, a panel of judges assigns each contestant a score based on a 100-point scale, looking for difficult tricks and variations over jumps.

Notable freestyle motocross events include Red Bull X-Fighters, NIGHT of the JUMPs, the X Games, Gravity Games, Big-X, Moto-X Freestyle National Championship, and Dew Action Sports Tour. Freeriding is the original form of freestyle motocross which started in the hills of southern California; due to professional racers such as Jeremy McGrath and Phil Lawrence “play riding” in the hills of Reche Canyon. It has no structure and is traditionally done on public land. Riders for natural jumps and drop-offs to execute their tricks on. Some free riders prefer to jump on sand dunes. In many ways, freeriding requires more skill and mental ability. Notable freeriding locations include Ocotillo Wells and Glamis Dunes in California, Beaumont, California, and Caineville, Utah.

My youngest son Loved FMX- but I cannot tell you how much, I did not love watching him, not that he was not good at it, he absolutely was great at it, and as a kid once myself I know better than to discourage, my kids from doing whatever they choose, and being supportive of it, but apparently my expressions everyone else was seeing each time he jumped 70ft in the air must have been horrifying by the hugs and he will be okay comments I got- here is some footage of my son check it out! He followed Monster trucks one year, put a show on in Ogden On the 4th of July, at the Loren Farr Park In Ogden, Utah as well as doing free shows for Evanston Wyoming, (Ramps, landings every bit of it he and his Dad built themselves!) His brother my oldest son would do the announcing for him and play the music these 2 kids are pretty talented, love them both check it!

Love you Baby from Mom- I made this video of my son and I will miss him very much!


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