Freestyle motocross (also known as FMX) is a variation on the sport of motocross in which motorcycle riders attempt to impress judges with jumps and stunts.

Check out this video of RICKY PENTZ

Ricky Pentz RAGEFMX

The two main types of freestyle events are:

  • Big Air (also known as Best Trick), in which each rider gets two jumps — usually covering more than 75 ft (22.8m) — from a dirt-covered ramp. A panel of judges evaluates the style, trick difficulty, and originality and produces a score on a 100-point scale. Each rider’s highest single jump score is compared; top score wins.
  • Freestyle motocross, the older of the two events, in which riders perform two routines, each lasting between 90 seconds and 14 minutes, on a course consisting of multiple jumps of varying lengths and angles that generally occupy one to two acres (.4 to .8 hectares). Like Big Air, a panel of judges assigns each contestant a score based on a 100-point scale, looking for difficult tricks and variations over jumps.

Notable freestyle motocross events include Red Bull X-Fighters, NIGHT of the JUMPs, the X Games, Gravity Games, Big-X, Moto-X Freestyle National Championship, and Dew Action Sports Tour. Freeriding is the original form of freestyle motocross which started in the hills of southern California; due to professional racers such as Jeremy McGrath and Phil Lawrence “play riding” in the hills of Reche Canyon. It has no structure and is traditionally done on public land. Riders for natural jumps and drop-offs to execute their tricks on. Some free riders prefer to jump on sand dunes. In many ways, freeriding requires more skill and mental ability. Notable freeriding locations include Ocotillo Wells and Glamis Dunes in California, Beaumont, California, and Caineville, Utah.

My youngest son Loved FMX- but I cannot tell you how much, I did not love watching him, not that he was not good at it, he absolutely was great at it, and as a kid once myself I know better than to discourage, my kids from doing whatever they choose, and being supportive of it, but apparently my expressions everyone else was seeing each time he jumped 70ft in the air must have been horrifying by the hugs and he will be okay comments I got- here is some footage of my son check it out! He followed Monster trucks one year, put a show on in Ogden On the 4th of July, at the Loren Farr Park In Ogden, Utah as well as doing free shows for Evanston Wyoming, (Ramps, landings every bit of it he and his Dad built themselves!) His brother my oldest son would do the announcing for him and play the music these 2 kids are pretty talented, love them both check it!

Love you Baby from Mom- I made this video of my son and I will miss him very much!


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Classic Pin-Up Girls Before And After Editing: The Real Women Behind Those Gil Elvgren’s Incredible Paintings

Have you ever wondered about the process that went on behind the scenes of those classic pin-up images that adorned the noses of bombers and the walls of soldiers barracks in the 1940s and ’50s? Anyone who’s familiar with pin-up paintings will know the caricature-esque works of Gil Elvgren. His fantastical cheesecake pictures feature curvy 1950s women revealing their stockings – and sometimes a bit more – in a series of eyebrow-raising situations.

It seems in the age before digital photo editing, it was paint which made women seem to posess an impossible beauty, as these erotic illustrations reveal. These great before and after images of 1950s pin-up girls will give you a sneak peak of the photograph that came before the artists rendering.

I read this article in- Inspirations, I did not write the above, nor are the photographs and paintings mine. I found this artist so intriguing, what a keen eye and a creative mind, Gill  Elvgren was,  he strives for perfection, I always wondered where he found these perfect models,  knowing very well no real woman, is that perfect, you can now see the real model and what he did to perfect the painting, sometimes it is not even the model at all but Gill’s keen eyes for perfecting the most elegant  paintings of pin-ups, of the 1950’s!


The Dying Breed’s Car Club-pinup girls for 2016

My son Jonny Pentz owns THE DYING BREED CAR CLUB!

He is the absolute best when it comes to planning and putting on a Car show. He restores old Muscle cars, from the inside out. He is a great mechanic and has restored so many cars, I cannot even count! He has hosted 2 events here in our little small town that draws our most favorite friends and family, and he does not discriminate on what your idea of a great car is, even if they are not his choices, he is also one of the very best announcers and has some of the best music from the 50’s to the 80’s. He is the guy to talk to if you have a small business and want to be a vendor at one of his shows. Rather than write a ton of stuff no one has the time to read let me share some pics with you!


“Oh you probably wanted to see some cars LOL, believe me, you will I will get to that!”

I wanted to tell ya a bit about me, my Job is to get some of these gals ready, I do not do their hair,  make-up, or even help pick their dresses, that’s all up to them. Most of them do a great job too, But like all movie stars, LMAO they need to appear Tan!

I won’t allow them to spend hours in the sun ruining their skin either! I am all about females and their skin, appearing as young as they can for as long as they can, after all, we need attractive pin-up girls as well as MX Maidens so what so I do?

I spray tan them, (not to brag, but those are the ones that usually win these contests.)

(Go figure) shrugging


I am a Certified Mobile Spray Tanner, I do this prior to the Events we host.

Now just so you know, no cheating here involved, these things are not rigged, we choose 5 of the best Pin-up gals, voted by? guess who?

The people that come to the show that’s who, whether they have brought their cars to show off, or they came to check out the cars, or even the pin-up girls.

or maybe they are just one of the many vendors that come, it’s a great time for everyone involved, and best of all everyone can come from ages 1 to 70 years old.

Many of our vendors sell food, but not all, Jonny tries to get everyone a spot( that the city will allow, )so he has vendors that sell anything you can think of, paintings, makeup, apparel candles, the latest trends for fingernails, to the best and most favored foods for the kid-lets-like Cotton candy!

It’s a good time and everyone make a few bucks and we all have a good time! If you need an announcer or need to hold an Event or even a fund raiser, and need a host with the most?Call Jonny, of course, we all help out!