Beeutifulu -MX maidens and Pin-up girls

3 days before a car show, or a motocross event. I invite 4 lucky girls to come to my home and get a free spray tan, free exfoliators made by myself, body lotions to extend the life of their spray tan and a free consultation on the how to take care of there Tans.

Why? because I went them to be picture perfect.

Flawless and beautiful, these pin-up girls stand by the cars for photo shoots, or just walk around the cars, flaunting their nastalgic pin-up, look.

This is a contest that my son, (Jonny)owner of The Dying Breed’s car club host’s.

at some point during the car show, a secret ballot is taken around to everyone that attends, they are then asked to choose the best dressed pin-up girl.

They all have to wear a number, Tara, my daughter inlaw suggested, so that the attendees of the car show can pick their favorite.

Last year they gave trophies to everyone that participated. Not sure how they plan on doing it this time, however it seems the girls that get this free service go home with a trophy. (bragging rights) but nobody knows which ones have a spray tan.

BTW- I do not get to choose, and nobody will know about your secret, but myself and the girls I spray tan.

In the next few years, I know of some exciting things, I am hoping will come true, here in E-town,  I would also like to help out some motocross maidens, trophy girls, whatever they call them, girls who keep score at the MX races.

(You know those great looking gals that hang out at supercross, like the Monster energy girls.)

So I created my own web site-(still working on it) LOL..BEEUTIFULU!

This makes the events so much more fun, any one can dress up, so why not?

It actually inspires and motivates our Car guys and MX riders.

It is a great way to learn about all the things us woman can do, to achieve a youthful appearance, even though we may not be so youthful anymore. (Okay that was about me.)LOL

Plus it is a great way to learn how to protect that skin you are in!

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