We are The Pentz Family!

This site is about a lifestyle and one of the coolest lifestyles there is

My family and I, are thrill seekers, adventurers, machine heads, you name it-

We love Hot rods, the old style muscle cars from the 50’s to the 80’s.

We are into motor- sports of all kinds.

We host events for small towns, fund- raisers, or just a great family time. I am the promoter of what once was: < A HREF=http://www.RAGEFMX.COM>link text


< A HREF=https://”www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGsQYpU8-pY”>Link text

This was my youngest son’s free-style motocross , business, where we hosted events, with the ramp and landing, they were both built and made by my son and his father Jonny Sr Pentz, my son  Ricky Pentz, now a competitor of motocross and is going Pro.

No longer in FMX, but if you ever need directions, or want a  ramp and landing, built these guys do an excellent job, if you need a coach in MX, or just training in beginners,( just learning to ride in MX), these guys are the best.

Jonny Senior is a great coach especially of the young ones-


The Dying Breed

<A HREF=https://www.facebook.com/groups/1566151726952111/>link text

 This is a car club and my oldest son’s passion, he learned from his father, my husband. Jonny Pentz jr is amazing at restoring old muscle cars inside and out.

I wanted to share with you, our passion and lifestyle. Showing what my boys are doing, and sharing with you the best places to buy anything related. 

Get the best products that last and are worth the money. Most of all I wanted to make you aware, PENTZ our last name hosts events, for whatever reason, to raise money, or for or just for a great time. So check out my site and let me know what ya think.cropped-15056324_1802073886699555_2730385487610364389_n.jpg

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