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Is dedicated to hosting Events in Motorsports and Motocross.

 Anything in relation to motorsports. This family absolutely loves.

The only event they no longer provide (sorry to say) is FREESTYLE MX.

Their youngest son, Ricky Pentz from

(you can still locate his videos on “you tube”)

Ricky has moved on to pro- racing in motocross.

He  also has moved out of the area.

I can personally tell you, this really shocked  this close nit – family.

But they support him and hope Kansas will enjoy him and his racing skills.

Wichita Kansas is where he resides, and MOTORSPORTS are huge in the area!

In the ninety’s I would get a kick out of watching these guys, drive this sharp-looking (semi)  a 1977 Kenworth, all the kids called it MAC from the Movie Cars, No child was ever turned down, if they asked for a ride, you would see this awesome site heading down the freeway on Riverdale road heading to the Lorrin Farr Park in Ogden Utah. For The Rockin 4th of July, demolition derby and FMX event, They would be pulling this huge landing Ricky and his father built. They also had this Forest green “86 Chevy” another sharp looking ride. Nevermind the yr of these vehicles, they were some well taken care of rides. One would never know the age of these vehicles by mere appearance. The “86 Chev” was pulling this beautiful home-made, welded ramp. To be a part of the big show.

 These  3 man have some awesome skills -when it comes to mechanicing, restoring, welding, customizing and painting these rides, they literally pull out of a junk yards and restore. Literally being as good as new.

Jonny Pentz senior taught these boy’s skills most people would never take for granted, not to mention the years of schooling it would take these 3 man have so much knowledge and experience when it comes to Vehicle restoration.

Jonny Pentz senior was actually an entertainer himself in his youth, always up for the baddest meanest cars in Morgan Counties Demolition Derby’s. The name he had in these events was to put it lightly THREAT, also a hillclimber on his dirt bike and a bull rider,  raised in a small town community and passed his love of a challenge on to his boys, who entertain to this day.

 Senior learned at a very young age if he wanted a vehicle, then he better get one running, young Jonny senior would literally  pull one out of a field that had been abandoned for centuries and make it run, this man has a knack for making any engine run, YES I said it any, ask anyone who knows him, he also has made Cars look like new, and run like new.  He would sand them down, prep ,prime and re-paint them.

Jonny’s vehicles were always the best looking rides around. He is very knowledgeable about equipment, and truthfully senior absolutely hates mechanicing.  Go figure!

Ricky the youngest son has the ability to jump on his dirt bike and do tricks 70ft in air. Jonny sr and Ricky truly figured out on there own, how this could be done safely, when they built this equipment.

Jonny Pentz jr, is an awesome announcer  and entertainer, he has done Fairs, Weddings, and  all kinds Fundraisers.

The day this child was born, he always enjoyed talking to people, he loved watching the work his Dad bring these poor sad abandoned vehicles, back to life and run like new and Jonny jr has become the absolute best at it himself, I have literally lost count of how many cars Jonny jr has restored.

Self-Esteem? This is not an issue for Jonny jr,  he is very kind and will help anyone that asks, but do not get this guy wrong, he is not a push-over and will not stand for anyone mistreating him, nor his family. But he will listen and with an open heart even if someone is wrong, everyone has his respect from the start, its up to them if they wish to keep it!

He is very passionate about his Cars and he will stand up for what he believes in.

This year, I was absolutely amazed at the talent he has for putting on a great car show, every year he has done this, for the past 3, it is even better the next year, last year was great, I did not think it could get better than that but guess what it did.

Bands  playing and cars lined up for miles, as well as bikes, trucks Semi’s anything that had a motor, if you have a passion and are proud of what you have, he wants you in the show. They also have an amazing support team, with the many family and friends that drive up from Utah where they are originally from that support this event every year. Those people make it all worth while and we are always glad to see them.

I have heard Jonny jr on the telephone arranging these Events for hours, talking to people, helping the vendors in the community, and even putting up wsayers and sabotagers of this at times, resented event. I am always proud to see him put his hand out there, and say hey ,come be a part of  THE Car show- Jonny is all about making this event about everyone that attends, them from Attendees to spectators he makes it all about everyone, and I know the vendors are pretty stoked about what they gain as well,  biggest most important thing to all of the PENTZ Family, make it fun for the little ones! Its all about family and will always be family orientated events.ith the Nay- 

I am so proud of him taking on that kind of stress, still maintaining a professional manner with people that sometimes didn’t deserve the kindness nor his listening  ear to another hateful word from, Jonny jr  has the ability to understand where people are coming from and their passions for Cars as well. I have personally seen him allow people that did not even deserve a second look at, bring their cars to his show, even after they tried so hard to sabotage everything he was trying to do. I have seen all the hard work and time he and his wife spends on this awesome Event. Jonny jr has the equipment and all the fun anyone could ever want. Need a DJ?Call Jonny jr Pentz!