Check it out!

 If you are interested in being a part of this, or need a great announcer, a host for a car show.

Want to join the Dying Breed- My oldest son is tops at this!

Jonny Pentz jr Rocks it! with his wife and of course the Dying Breed car club!



I enjoyed reading this because this is how we as a family spent some of our quality time! A family that rides together stays together!
Thank you Jack E Schuman

Jack E. Schuman

Dirt bikes became a big part of my life around the age of three. Some of my first memory’s where learning how to ride my brothers 50cc motorcycle. As I got older, my bikes got bigger. The feeling of complete freedom consumed me as I flew down a trail for the first time. The feelings that come with ridding like fresh air constantly pushing its way into my lungs, or the vibration of the handlebars, and even the tingling smell of gasoline. All these feelings became neccary for me. It’s the memorys I made ridding that will stick with me till I’m old and grey. The people I rode with became much more than just friends. Bonds stronger than obsidian formed with these people, and those bonds are still unbreakable today. Nothing compares to the thrill of motocross, and when the time comes, I plan on sharing that same thrill…

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